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Endocrinology, Metabolomics

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  • Influence of food texture on energy metabolism and adiposity in male rats.

    Han W, Utoyoma M, Akieda-Asai S, Hidaka A, Yamada C, Hasegawa K, Nunoi H, Date Y

    Exp Physiol   103   1347 - 1356   2018.10  [Refereed]

    Joint Work


  • Guanylyl cyclase C and guanylin reduce fat droplet accumulation in cattle mesenteric adipose tissue.

    Yasuda M, Kawabata J, Akieda-Asai S, Nasu T, Date Y

    J Vet Sci.   18   341 - 348   2017.09  [Refereed]

    Joint Work


  • Characterization of inflammatory gene expression and chemotaxis of macrophages guanylin and guanylyl cyclase-C.

    Hasegawa K, Akieda-Asai S, Date Y

    American Journal of Life Sciences   3   43 - 47   2015.04  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • The short-term effects of soft pellets on lipogenesis and insulin sensitivity in rats.

    Bae CR*, Hasegawa K*, Akieda-Asai S, Kawasaki Y, Cha YS, Date Y

    Preventive Nutrition and Food Science   19   164 - 169   2014.09  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Cross-talk for Periphery with Central in Feeding Behavior

    AKIEDA Sayaka, DATE Yukari

    KAGAKU TO SEIBUTSU   47   750 - 755   2009.11

    Joint Work

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Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Cross-talk of periphery with central in feeding behavior.

    Sayaka Akieda, Yukari Date.

    Kagaku To Seibutsu ( Japan Scientific Societies Press )  47 ( 11 ) 750 - 755   2009.11

    Summary of the papers read (national conference and other science council)   Joint Work

  • Development of imaging mass spectrometry

    Sayaka Asai, Mitsutoshi Setou.

    Gendaikagaku ( Tokyo Kagaku Dojin )  434   51 - 55   2007.05

    Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine)   Joint Work

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  • Effects of food texture on the expressions of glucose transporters and gut microbiota in rats

    Han Wanxin, 秋枝さやか, 宇藤山麻衣子, 伊達紫

    平成29年度日本生化学会九州支部例会  2017.05  -  2017.05 

  • 軟らかい食物が腸内グルコーストランスポーター腸内微生物に及ぼす影響.

    Wanxin Han, 秋枝さやか, 宇藤山麻衣子, 伊達紫

    第37回日本肥満学会  2016.10  -  2016.10 

  • Inflammatory changes of adipose tissue and pancreatitis in cattle with fat necrosis.

    Urushizaki S, Tani C, Akieda S, Ano H, Date Y, Yasuda M, Nishino K, Goto Y, Katamoto H

    XXVIII World Buiatrics Congress  2014.07  -  2014.08  Australian Veterinary Association

  • Over expressions of guanylin and GC-C in rat mesenteric macrophages are involved in resistance to high-fat diet

    Date Y, Akieda-Asai S, Kangawa K, Miyazato, M

    Keystone symposia   2013.01  -  2013.01  Keystone symposia

  • Synergistic action of glucagon-like peptide-1 with leptin on anorectic effect

    Poleni PE, Akieda-Asai S, Senba K, Date Y

    「中枢・末梢臓器連関による生体恒常性と仲介分子機構」研究会  2011.09  -  2011.09  生理学研究所

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