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Faculty of Medicine School of Medicine Department of Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


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  • 博士(医学) ( 2012.10   東京女子医科大学 )

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  • Life Science / Plastic and reconstructive surgery


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  • Twin Tower-shaped Anastomosis: Two Comitant Veins Anastomosed to a Single Recipient Vein in an End-to-end Fashion Reviewed

    Ito Hiroshi, Hori Keijiro, Niimi Yosuke, Watanabe Tatsushi

    Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery   1 ( 1 )   20 - 25   2022.1

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    Authorship:Lead author, Corresponding author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:一般社団法人 日本形成外科学会  

    In some cases of free flap transfer, two comitant veins must be anastomosed to a single suitable recipient vein to avoid congestion due to the lack of network between the two comitant veins. In this situation, both veins are mostly anastomosed to the recipient vein in an end-to-side fashion. However, the distal end of the recipient vein sometimes has to be cut to reach the comitant veins that are short in length. In such cases, we anastomose both of the comitant veins to a single recipient vein in an end-to-end fashion with a twin tower shape. The twin tower-shaped anastomosis technique involves two comitant veins in parallel anastomosed to a single recipient vein in an end-to-end fashion, and the gap of the two comitant veins is closed directly via an interrupted suture method. With this technique, two comitant veins and the recipient vein can be successfully anastomosed in an end-to-end fashion.

    DOI: 10.53045/jprs.2021-0016

    CiNii Research

  • 指間形成に対する局所皮弁の工夫 Reviewed

    伊東 大、仲沢弘明、森岡康祐

    形成外科   45 ( 10 )   951 - 959   2002

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    Authorship:Lead author   Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

  • Microvascular reconstruction for oral cancer in older adult patients: the impact of age on surgical outcomes. Reviewed

    Kouketsu A, Kaneuji T, Yamaguma Y, Yamauchi K, Sugiura T, Takahashi T, Ito H, Yamashita Y

    Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology and oral radiology   137 ( 1 )   6 - 11   2024.1

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: 10.1016/j.oooo.2023.06.010


  • 切断指 Zone別対応マニュアル!どう対応する!? ZoneⅢ. Invited Reviewed

    伊東 大、南里健太、伊東憲子

    PAPERS   2023.10

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    Authorship:Lead author, Last author, Corresponding author   Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

  • Treatment for the Juvenile-Onset Mammary Hamartoma with Remarkable Hypertrophy of the Breast Reviewed

    Watanabe Tatsushi, Ito Hiroshi

    Japanese Journal of Surgical Wound Care   14 ( 1 )   23 - 29   2023

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    Authorship:Last author, Corresponding author   Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:Japan Society for Surgical Wound Care  

    DOI: 10.11310/jsswc.14.23

    CiNii Research

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • 続・食道疾患症例集—こんな時どうする?

    田代耕盛、武野慎祐、河野文彰、伊東 大、七島篤志、中村都英( Role: Contributor)

    海鳥社  2019.6 

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  • 宮崎大学形成外科6年間の報告と今後の展望 Invited

    伊東 大


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    Event date: 2023.12.15

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Public lecture, seminar, tutorial, course, or other speech  

  • Twin Tower-shaped Anastomosisの術後経過報告と安全性

    南里健太、伊東 大、伊東憲子


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    Event date: 2023.12.7

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • Assessment of oral function after glossectomy with tongue reconstruction

    Jumpei Shirakawa, Daiki Matsuno, Fumie Tanaka, Bunichi Hirayama, Takeshi Kaneuji, Junko Nagata, Hiroshi Ito, Yoshihiro Yamashita

    9th World Congress of International Academy of Oral Oncology 

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    Event date: 2023.11.1

    Language:English   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • 眉毛下切開で治療した小児眼窩上壁骨折の1例

    南里健太、伊東 大、伊東憲子


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    Event date: 2023.10.28

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • 眉毛下切開で治療した小児眼窩上壁骨折の1例

    南里健太、伊東 大


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    Event date: 2023.10.27

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

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