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    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology   Faculty of Agriculture   Graduated

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    Gifu University  United Graduate School, Division of Veterinary Medicine  Doctor's Course  Unfinished Course


    Yamaguchi University  United Graduate School, Division of Veterinary Medicine  Doctor's Course  Accomplished credits for doctoral program

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  • Veterinary medical science


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  • Bilateral rostral mandibulectomy for treatment of necrotic mandibular open fractures in two Japanese Black cattle.

    Naik MV, Nishikawa G, Kirino Y, Inoue Y, Iwamoto K, Yamabe R, Nakayama T, Tsuzuki N, Hidaka Y

    The Journal of veterinary medical science   82   204 - 208   2020.02  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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    <p>Two-month-old (Case 1) and one-year-old (Case 2) Japanese Black cattle presented with bilateral rostral mandibular open fractures. At presentation, the proximal edges of each fracture were discolored and had a severe stench, indicating necrosis caused by infection. In both cases, a bilateral rostral mandibulectomy over the symphysis was performed. Although the tongues of both animals prolapsed post-surgery, they had no significant problems with eating or drinking. Case 1 showed excellent growth during fattening, and Case 2 successfully became pregnant and gave birth. Rostral mandibulectomy can be an effective surgical option for the treatment of cattle with difficulty in internal or external fixation due to unfavorable necrotic cranial mandibular open fractures.</p>

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  • Partial costectomy for tracheal collapse and stenosis associated with perinatal rib fracture in three Japanese Black calves

    Hidaka, Y., Hagio, M., Kashiba, I. et al.

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science   78   451 - 455   2016.03  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • A Canine Case of Ovarian Carcinoma with Pulmonary Metastasis Treated with Surgery and Paclitaxel / Platinum Combination Chemotherapy

    Hidaka, Y., Kodama, A., Tamura, R., Ito, M., Koike, K., Hirai, T., Satoh, H., Hagio, M.

    Journal of Japan Veterinary Cancer Scoiety   5   6 - 11   2014.07  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Primary hemangiosarcoma of the humerus in a Maltese dog

    Hidaka Y, Haio M, Uchida K, Hara Y.

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science   68   895 - 898   2006.08  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Palliative effects of non-selective intra-arterial chemotherapy of paclitaxel plus platinum combination in two dogs with intranasal cancers

    Hidaka Y, Koike K, Misumi S,. et al.

    Journal of Japan Veterinary Cancer Society   6   5 - 12   2017.11  [Refereed]

    Joint Work


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  • A Chitosan-bonded Hydroxyapatite Bone Filling Material

    Ito M, Hidaka Y. (Part: Joint Work )

    European Chitin Society  1997.11 ISBN: 88-86889-01-1

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  • Clinical findings and treatment outcomes of non-infectious joint disease in Japanese Black calves

    Naik Mrunmayi Vishwanath, Hidaka, Y., Hago, M. et al.

    The 30th World Buiatrics Congress  2018.09  -  2018.09  World Buiatrics Congress

  • Clinical findings and surgical outcomes of Japanese Black calves with perinatal rib fracture: A review of eleven cases

    Hidaka, Y., Kirino, Y., Naik Mrunmayi Vishwanath., et al.

    The 30th World Buiatrics Congress  2018.08  -  2018.08  World Buiatrics Congress

  • 脊髄疾患に対するMRI拡散テンソル画像の獣医臨床応用のための傾斜磁場印加軸密度の検討


    第157回日本獣医学会学術集会  2014.09  -  2014.09  日本獣医学会

  • Carotid Body Carcinoma in a Dog with evidence of intravasation and suspected hematogenous metastasis

    Teh Angeline, P.P、Watanyoo, P.、日高勇一、小西祐子他

    第157回日本獣医学会学術集会  2014.09  -  2014.09  日本獣医学会

  • 複合心奇形を合併した胸部心臓逸所症の子牛の心エコーおよびX線CT所見


    第55回日本獣医画像診断学会  2014.06  -  2014.06  日本獣医画像診断学会

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