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  • 博士(農学) ( 2003.3   大阪府立大学 )

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  • Life Science / Structural biochemistry


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  • Methodological considerations of the acetaminophen Detection Kit®: Involvement of molecular oxygen O2 in an indophenol reaction Reviewed

    Shinkawa N., Marukawa M., Wada K., Yukawa N.

    Legal Medicine   64   2023.9

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:Legal Medicine  

    The Acetaminophen Detection Kit® (Kanto Chemical Company Co. Inc., Tokyo, Japan) is a colorimetric test based on an indophenol reaction. The test involves three reactions: deproteination of the sample, hydrolysis of acetaminophen to yield p-aminophenol, and coupling p-aminophenol with a derivative of phenol in alkali conditions to form a blue-colored indophenol dye. The kit was devised to accomplish these three reactions with only two reagents, allowing the prompt diagnosis of acetaminophen overdose in emergency medicine. In the user instructions included with the kit and in reports introducing the kit, the chemical composition of the two reagents was not disclosed. Details about the composition can be found in the Safety Data Sheet from the manufacturer; however, there is little explanation about the principle (mechanism) of the coupling reaction. This lack of information appears to have hampered the use of this kit in forensic medicine. In this report, we conducted the coupling reaction by successively adding the two reagents to a p-aminophenol (intermediate molecule) solution with the reaction vessel open to the air and under an anaerobic condition. Development of the blue color was inhibited in the absence of air but gradually developed when the reaction vessel was opened to air. Thus, the coupling reaction is an oxidation–reduction (redox) reaction that requires molecular oxygen (O2) dissolved from the air to act as an oxidant. This finding corroborates statements in previous reports and will hopefully facilitate the use of the kit for forensic purposes.

    DOI: 10.1016/j.legalmed.2023.102278


  • Diversity in Infection Specificity between the Bloom-forming Microalga Heterosigma akashiwo and Its dsDNA Virus, Heterosigma akashiwo Virus Reviewed

    Yusaku Funaoka, Haruna Hiromoto, Daichi Morimoto, Michiko Takahashi, Kei Wada, and Keizo Nagasaki

    Microbes Environ.   38 ( 2 )   ME23036 - ME23036   2023.6

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: 10.1264/jsme2.ME23036

  • Neutron crystallography and quantum chemical analysis of bilin reductase PcyA mutants reveal substrate and catalytic residue protonation states Reviewed International coauthorship

    Tatsuya Joutsuka, Ryota Nanasawa, Keisuke Igarashi, Kazuki Horie, Masakazu Sugishima, Yoshinori Hagiwara, Kei Wada, Keiichi Fukuyama, Naomine Yano, Seiji Mori, Andreas Ostermann, Katsuhiro Kusaka, and Masaki Unno

    J. Biol. Chem.   299 ( 1 )   102763   2023.1

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbc.2022.102763

  • Degenerate PCR Targeting the Major Capsid Protein Gene of HcRNAV and Related Viruses Reviewed

    Microbes and Environments   37 ( 5 )   ME21075 - ME21075   2022.4

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    Authorship:Lead author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: 10.1264/jsme2.ME21075

  • Domain movements of NADPH–cytochrome P450 oxidoreductase (CPR) are required for the smooth electron transfer from CPR to heme–heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) complex Reviewed

    M. Sugishima, J. Taira, M. Iijima, H. Sato, K. Wada, M. Noguchi, K. Fukuyama, M. Takano, H. Sakamoto and K. Yamamoto

    Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances   A77   C1130 - C1130   2021.8

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (international conference proceedings)  

    DOI: 10.1107/S0108767321085755

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  • 極限環境の生命化学

    和田啓・鈴木秀之( Role: Joint author ,  塩耐性タンパク質)

    日本化学会   2014.11 

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    Language:Japanese Book type:Scholarly book

  • Structure-function relationships of ferredoxin-dependent bilin reductases in "An integrating approach to photo functional hybrid materials for energy and environment"

    Unno, M., Sugishima, M., Wada, K. and Fukuyama, K. ( Role: Joint author)

    Nova Science Publishers  2013.6 

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    Language:English Book type:Scholarly book

  • γ-Glutamyltranspeptidase and Its Precursor in "Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes 3"

    Hiratake,J., Suzuki,H., Fukuyama,K.,Wada, K. and Kumagai H. ( Role: Joint author)

    Academic Press  2012.12 

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    Language:English Book type:Scholarly book

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  • ビリン還元酵素PcyAの二つの変異体の吸収スペクトルおよび反応の変化とプロトン化状態との相関 Reviewed International coauthorship

    海野昌喜 , 城塚達也 , 杉島正一 , 和田啓 , 萩原義徳 , 矢野直峰, Andreas Ostermann , 日下勝弘

    波紋 (日本中性子科学会)   33 ( 4 )   151 - 156   2023.11

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    Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (scientific journal)  

  • 新刊紹介: 生体高分子結晶の X 線構造解析 実践手法と基礎理論 Invited Reviewed

    和田 啓・福山 恵一

    日本結晶学会誌   64 ( 2 )   182 - 182   2022.5

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    Authorship:Lead author, Corresponding author   Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Book review, literature introduction, etc.  

    DOI: https://doi.org/10.5940/jcrsj.64.183

  • Study of Structural Basis for Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Redox Control Reviewed

    63 ( 2 )   105 - 112   2021.5

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    Authorship:Lead author, Last author, Corresponding author   Publishing type:Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (scientific journal)  

    DOI: 10.5940/jcrsj.63.105

  • グルタチオンを分解する酵素の立体構造とその産業応用 Invited


    バイオサイエンスとバイオインダストリー   78 ( 3 )   209 - 212   2020.5

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    Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (scientific journal)  

  • "化学機械エンジン" と呼ばれるタンパク質群 - ABCタンパク質がもつ機能性ドメインの多 Invited Reviewed


    化学   72 ( 4 )   70 - 71   2017.4

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    Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (scientific journal)   Publisher:化学同人  

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  • 九州地域の野生獣肉における住肉胞子虫の保有状況


    第93回 日本寄生虫学会大会  2024.3.9 

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    Event date: 2024.3.9 - 2024.3.10

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • [4Fe-4S]フェレドキシンの高精度結晶構造解析と理論計算に基づいた機能解析


    第96回日本生化学会大会  2023.11.1 

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    Event date: 2023.10.31 - 2023.11.2

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • 鉄ー硫黄クラスター蛋白質の生合成複合体のクライオ電顕単粒子解析


    マルチファセットプロテインズ若手ワークショップ  2023.10.24 

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    Event date: 2023.10.23 - 2023.10.24

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • Structural analysis of plant phytochromobilin synthase International conference

    Masakazu Sugishima, Kei Wada, Masaki Unno, Keiichi Fukuyama, and Ken Yamamoto

    15th International Conference on Tetrapyrrole Photoreceptors in Photosynthetic Organisms  2023.9.20 

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    Event date: 2023.9.19 - 2023.9.22

    Language:English   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • 赤潮原因藻ヘテロシグマ・アカシオのウイルス抵抗性に関する研究


    第37回中国四国ウイルス研究会  2023.9.2 

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    Event date: 2023.9.2 - 2023.9.3

    Language:Japanese   Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

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Awards 【 display / non-display

  • 日本結晶学会 学術賞

    2020.11   日本結晶学会  


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    Award type:Award from Japanese society, conference, symposium, etc.  Country:Japan

  • 日本結晶学会進歩賞

    2009.12   日本結晶学会  


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    Award type:International academic award (Japan or overseas)  Country:Japan

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  • タンパク質構造生物化学に立脚した超硫黄分子の可視化

    Grant number:21H05260  2021.10 - 2026.03

    独立行政法人日本学術振興会  科学研究費補助金  学術変革領域研究(A) [計画研究代表]

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    Authorship:Principal investigator 

  • 正20面体球状ウイルス粒子の階層的な形成機序とpH依存的崩壊の制御

    Grant number:23K17981  2023.04 - 2026.03

    独立行政法人日本学術振興会  科学研究費  挑戦的研究(萌芽)

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    Authorship:Principal investigator 

  • 組織レニン・アンジオテンシン系におけるビッグアンジオテンシー25の意義

    Grant number:22K08188  2022.04 - 2025.03

    独立行政法人日本学術振興会  科学研究費  基盤研究C

      More details


  • 生体必須の金属補因子「鉄硫黄クラスター」の生合成機序と無細胞構築系の確立

    Grant number:20H03196  2020.04 - 2024.03

    独立行政法人日本学術振興会  科学研究費補助金  基盤研究(B)

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    Authorship:Principal investigator 

  • 珪藻のウイルス弱毒化因子は,珪藻個体群の維持システムとして機能するのか?

    Grant number:20H03327  2020.04 - 2024.03

    独立行政法人日本学術振興会  科学研究費補助金  基盤研究(B)

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