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Transportation Planning

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    Kyoto University   Faculty of Engineering   Graduated

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    Kyoto University  Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Master's Course  Completed


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  • Evaluation of tsunami evacuation planning considering vehicle usage and start timing of evacuation

    Hiroshi Shimamoto, Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Bunpei Nagao, Toshiyuki Nakamura, Nobuhiro Uno and Hiroki Yamazaki

    Transportmetrica A     2017.03  [Refereed]

    Multiple Authorship


  • A trip-chain-based combined mode and route-choice network equilibrium model

    Shimamoto Hiroshi, Higuchi Takashi, Uno Nobuhiro and Shiomi Yasuhiro

    Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics     2016.07  [Refereed]

    Multiple Authorship

  • Multilane first-order traffic flow model with endogenous representation of lane-flow equilibrium

    Shiomi Y., Taniguchi T., Uno N., Shimamoto H. and Nakamura T

    Transportation Research Part C   59   723 - 729   2015.10  [Refereed]

    Single Author

  • Variability of commuters' bus line choice: an analysis of oyster card data

    Kurauchi, F., Schmöcker, J.-D.,Hiroshi Shimamoto and Hassan, S. M.

    Journal of Public Transportation   6   21 - 34   2014.04  [Refereed]

    Multiple Authorship

  • Generation and Calibration of Transit Hyperpaths

    Schmöcker, J.-D.,Hiroshi Shimamoto, and Kurauchi, F.

    Transportation Research Part C   36   406 - 418   2013.11  [Refereed]

    Multiple Authorship

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  • Complex Transit Fare Structures: Modelling and Potential Impacts

    Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B)

    Project Year: 2014.04  -  2017.03 

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  • Effect of legalizing & pricing on-street parking in peoples’ choice behaviour in Kabul City

    Nasery, M. E. and Shimamoto, H

    土木学会西部支部研究発表会  2017.03  -  2017.03  土木学会西部支部

  • Demand Fluctuation Analysis of Public Transportation using Smart Card Historical Data

    Hiroshi Shimamoto, Toru Kitawaki, Nobuhiro Uno and Toshiyuki Nakamura

    Smartcities International Seminar  2015.09  -  2015.09  チリ大学

  • Analysis of the relationship between the public transit fare structure and passenger behaviour using a smart card data

    Hiroshi Shimamoto, Atsushi Kondo

    International Conference Series on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport  2015.08  -  2015.09  Thredbo14 Conference実行委員会

  • Evaluation of Tsunami Evacuation Planning Considering Vehicle Usage and Start Timing of Evacuation

    Nagao, B., Shimamoto, H., Nakamura, T., Uno, N., Schmöcker, J.-D., and Yamazaki, H.

    6th International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability  2015.08  -  2015.08  International Science Committee of INSTR

  • 車両交通量の均衡メカニズムを内生化した単路部多車線交通流モデルの構築


    第48回土木計画学研究発表会  2013.11  -  2013.11  土木学会

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