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    Tokyo Institute of Technology   Faculty of Engineering   Civil Engineering   Graduated

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    Tokyo Institute of Technology  Graduate School, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering  Doctor's Course  Completed


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  • Development of water turbidity index (WTI) and seasonal characteristics of total suspended matter (TSM) spatial distribution in Ichkeul Lake, a shallow brackish wetland, Northern-East Tunisia

    1) Ouni H., Kawachi A., Irie M. Ben M’Barek N., Tlatli N., Tarhouni J.

    Environmental Earth Science     2019.03  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Discussing the proprieties of the conventional assessment of flood control investment focused on the undeveloped area

    Maruyama Y., Nakamura T., Ahmed B., Ahmed C., Ujiie K., Irie M.

    WIT Transactions on the Built Environment   184   153 - 166   2018  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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    © 2018 WIT Press. Large rivers running through arid regions but originating in tropical rain forests are considered as precious water resources along their riverbanks. However, upstream inundation due to flooding during the rainy season is a constraint for development. When flood control projects are proposed for such areas, technical hazards exist. To introduce a flood control project, Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is used to evaluate the project’s effectiveness based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation that is widely adopted for decision-making. Numerous studies applying shallow water models have focused on small urbanized areas. These studies employed fine-gridded digital elevation model (DEM) in the CFD simulation for precise evaluation. In contrast, for simulating large riverbanks of undeveloped areas, coarse-gridded DEM must be used to reduce the computational time. However, this does not consider the micromorphology. Resultantly, reproducibility of the simulation is degraded. The bank of the Senegal River was selected as our study site. Conventional CFD simulation was carried out. A coarse-gridded DEM was applied to reduce the computational time, but did not show enough reproducibility. We tried to employ General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU), a parallel computing method, with a fine-gridded DEM. It improved the reproducibility. In addition, the preferred conventional CBA method of the Japan International Cooperative Agency was applied to the study site. Conventional CBA was developed to assess the flood control investments mostly in urbanized areas. When applying it to undeveloped areas that have lower asset values than urbanized areas, as expected, the evaluated benefit was lower than the cost of the project. However, agricultural productivity contributes to improved food security and trade balance of the country. The flood control investment related with agricultural development should consider those externalities as benefits. This motivates us to develop an appraisal method in future research.


  • Adaptability Sediment in Joumine Reservoir, Tunisia, as a ceramic raw material

    Masayoshi Fuji, Junzo Tsuchimoto, Chika Takai, Ryosuke Goto, Mitsuteru Irie, Jamila Tarhouni

    Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration   2   2017.10  [Refereed]

    Joint Work


  • Trial production of porous ceramics filter made from sediments in water reservoirs for sustainable use of surface water resource in arid land

    Irie M., Taga S., Tarhouni J., Fuji M.

    International Journal of Environmental Science and Development   8   549 - 556   2017.07  [Refereed]

    Joint Work


  • Summary: Impending Issues on Water Resource in Arid Region and Countermeasures

    IRIE Mitsuteru

    Journal of Arid Land Studies   27   23 - 24   2017

    Single Work

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  • Sustainable North African Society -Exploring Seeds and Resources for Innovation-

    Isoda H., Neves M. Kawachi A. (Part: Joint Work )

    Nova Publisher  2015.01

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  • Submarine springs in Bassiya bay, Syria

    Irie, M

    ____  2006  -  2006