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1-1, Gakuen Kibanadai Nishi, Miyazaki, Japan

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Subgrade, Base course, Surfacing, Geotextile, Rural infrastructure development, SDGs

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Dr. Fukubayashi is conducting the research on development of the method to utilize local soil material for geotechnical engineering purposes applying soil improvement and geotextile techniques. He has the experience working as project engineer/manager at a construction company and NGO in both Japan and developing countries.

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  • Kyoto University -  Doctor of Engineering

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  • Geotechnical engineering


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  • Evaluation on risk of road slope disaster along Route 220

    (not selected)  

    Project Year: 2018.04  -   

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    Along Route 220,road block is planned to avoid the involvement in slope disaster in long sections when the precipitation exceed a designed level. By keeping profiles of slopes, measures have been implemented. Aiming to prioritize the list of places requiring measures for slope protection, appropriate method of multiple classification analysis on the profiles are to be developed together with hazard map using GIS.

  • Evaluation of performance for reducing deformation of the ground after pulling out piles

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    Project Year: 2018.04  -   

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    Aiming to reuse the earth reinforcing piles instead of leaving them in the ground after completion of structure, the deformation of ground after pulling out the piles are examined through full size model tests and numerical analysis. The deformations are compared between the one observed after pulling then filling method and pulling and filling method. Through parametric studies with numerical analysis, the reduction effect of ground deformation by the two method are evaluated quantitively and applicability based on several conditions are defined.

  • New design of unpaved road with application of soilbags

    Ordinary Research  

    Project Year: 2004.10  -   

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    New rural road design is developed to improve trafficability of unpaved roads in developing countries. The design is to be based on locally available resource and labour. In spite of limitation of infrastructure maintenance budget, local resource based technologies (LRBT) enable road side community to participate in infrastructure maintenance sustainably. The same approach is to be applied to develop road structures and rural infrastructure for disaster prevention and mitigation. Furthermore, the approach can be applied to infrastructure maintenance in rural area of Japan where the society is suffering from depopulation.

  • Ultimate behavior of axially-loaded steel piles subjected to cyclic lateral load

    Ordinary Research  

    Project Year: 1995.10  -  2004.09 

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    Ultimate behavior of axially-loaded steel piles subjected to cyclic lateral load were examined through the series of the centrifuge model tests. The new group pile model subjected to axial load with free end of the piles was developed.

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  • Small Scale Road Improvement towards Development Where No One Left Behind

    Yoshinori Fukubayashi, Makoto Kimura

    Journal of International Development Studies   26   19 - 30   2017.11  [Refereed]  [Invited]

    Joint Work

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    In this paper, the approach for small scale road improvement towards development where no one left behind are discussed. Though so many road development project has been conducted so far, thereare still a lot of road in poor condition, especially in rural area. The authors had proposed to utilize labour intensive and locally available material based method to improve small scale unpaved road but the lifeline for people. As a specific method like proposed, Do-nou, which means soil bag in Japanese, method for building base course was developed. The applied method including Do-nou method has enabled roadside communities to play dominant roles in road improvement project not just as paid labour. On the other hand, it has found that even with the simple and applicable method, stakeholders' support to communities is required in terms of provisions of material and capacity building for group management, material procurement, store/tool management, and other basic road maintenance technique. Based on the scope of works on road improvement, the suitable work structure and required capacities are summarized through case studies on road improvement projects in Asia and Africa. It is envisaged that the summary of road improvement approach where community play major role would contribute to make road authorities and donors understand the scope of works and develop the road project with appropriate target, thus the small scale road network become accessible.

  • Participatory project to improve trafficability of unpaved road at delta in rural area of Bangladesh

    Y. Daito, Y. Fukubayashi, M. Kimura

    Japanese Geotechnical Society, Special Publication   5   66 - 70   2017.02  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Locally available geotextile for maintaining unpaved roads in developing countries to enhance community resilience

    Y. Fukubayashi, Y. Daito, M. Kimura

    Procedia Engineering, ICSDEC 2016 – Integrating Data Science, Construction and Sustainability     348 - 355   2016.05  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Reinforcement of base course consist of black cotton soil using Do-nou technology

    Y. Daito, Y. Fukubayashi, M. Kimura

    Proceedings of the 16th African Regional Conference for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering     2015.04  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

  • Improvement of Rural Access Roads in Developing Countries with Initiative for self-reliance of communities

    Y. Fukubayashi, M. Kimura

    Soils and Foundations   54   23 - 35   2014.02  [Refereed]

    Joint Work

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • International development

    Y. Fukubayashi and M. Kimura (Part: Contributor )

    Intech  2017.04 ISBN: 978-9535131038

Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Change Life, Motivate People: An approach for poverty reduction by maintaining rural roads in developing countries

    Y. Fukubayashi, M. Kimura

    ISSMGE Bulletin   5 ( 4 ) 36 - 44   2011.04

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal)   Joint Work

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  • Rural Road Improvement with Farmers Groups Initiatives for Promoting Market-Oriented Agriculture -Case Studies in Kenya

    Y. Fukubayashi, S. Nzioka

    The 27th Annual Conf. of the JASID (Japan Society for International Development)  2016.11  -  2016.11