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  • 特集 小児疾患診療のための病態生理2 改訂第6版 腎・泌尿器疾患 蛋白尿

    黒木 純, 此元 隆雄

    小児内科   53 ( 13 )   480 - 483   2021.12

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    Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:(株)東京医学社  

    DOI: 10.24479/j00648.2022108061

    CiNii Research

  • A Case of Acute Gastric Volvulus Resulting in Panperitonitis Due to Gastric Perforation

    Masuya Ryuta, Nakame Kazuhiko, Tate Mayumi, Kurogi Jun, Kawano Fumiaki, Ichihara Akiko, Ikeda Takuto, Takeno Shinsuke, Nanashima Atsushi, Ieiri Satoshi

    Journal of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons   57 ( 6 )   1002 - 1007   2021.10

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    Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:The Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons  

    The patient was a two-year-old girl who had been treated for recurrent vomiting for three days. She was brought to our hospital after her previous doctor suspected gastrointestinal perforation due to sudden abdominal distension. When she arrived at our hospital, her face was pale, her vitality was poor, and she had a peripheral cold sensation. Her pulse rate was 200/min, her blood pressure was 60/42 mmHg, her respiratory rate was 43/min, and she was in shock. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen showed a large amount of free air and ascites along with findings of gastric volvulus. Emergency laparoscopic surgery was performed. The gastric volvulus was corrected laparoscopically. Because the site of perforation was challenging to identify, we changed the procedure to open laparotomy. A pinhole perforation was found at the upper gastric corpus due to detachment of the omentum. Wedge-shaped resection was performed around the perforation, and the stomach was fixed to the abdominal wall. No migrating spleen was observed. The postoperative recovery from disseminated intravascular coagulation and improvement of gastric peristalsis took a few days, but she gradually improved. She was discharged on the 19th postoperative day. Since her discharge from the hospital, there has been no recurrence of volvulus. There have been several reports on gastric perforation associated with acute gastric volvulus. Since there have been some reports of death due to the rapid and severe onset of symptoms, a prompt diagnosis and treatment are required.

    DOI: 10.11164/jjsps.57.6_1002

    CiNii Research

  • 急速に片側腎の機能低下を認めたシスチン尿症の1例 Reviewed

    黒木 純, 此元 隆雄, 今村 秀明, 中原 梢, 寺田 直樹, 上村 敏雄, 賀本 敏行, 盛武 浩

    日本小児腎不全学会雑誌   40   297 - 300   2020.7

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    Authorship:Lead author   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

  • 乳児期早期に経後腹膜到達法による腹腔鏡下腎摘出を行った片側多嚢胞性異形成腎の1例 Reviewed

    長友 美佳, 此元 隆雄, 黒木 純, 今村 秀明, 中原 梢, 寺田 直樹, 上村 敏雄, 賀本 敏行, 盛武 浩

    日本小児腎不全学会雑誌   40   301 - 304   2020.7

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    Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

  • 軽症溶血性尿毒症症候群後に紫斑病性腎炎を発症した児の腎病理像 Reviewed

    黒木 純, 今村 秀明, 阪口 嘉美, 田中 悦子, 織田 真悠子, 此元 隆雄, 久野 敏, 盛武 浩

    日本小児腎不全学会雑誌   38   214 - 216   2018.7

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    Authorship:Lead author   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

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  • 【小児疾患診療のための病態生理2 改訂第6版】腎・泌尿器疾患 蛋白尿

    黒木純, 此元隆雄( Role: Joint author ,  蛋白尿)

    東京医学社  2021.12 

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    Language:Japanese Book type:Scholarly book