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  • Chemical chaperones ameliorate neurodegenerative disorders in Derlin-1-deficient mice via improvement of cholesterol biosynthesis. Reviewed International journal

    Takashi Sugiyama, Naoya Murao, Hisae Kadowaki, Hideki Nishitoh

    Scientific reports   12 ( 1 )   21840 - 21840   2022.12

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    Authorship:Lead author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-26370-0




  • ERAD components Derlin-1 and Derlin-2 are essential for postnatal brain development and motor function. Reviewed International coauthorship

    Sugiyama T, Murao N, Kadowaki H, Takao K, Miyakawa T, Matsushita Y, Katagiri T, Futatsugi A, Shinmyo Y, Kawasaki H, Sakai J, Shiomi K, Nakazato M, Takeda K, Mikoshiba K, Ploegh HL, Ichijo H, Nishitoh H.

    iScience   24 ( 7 )   102758   2021.1

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    Authorship:Lead author   Language:English   Publishing type:Doctoral thesis  

    DOI: 10.1016/j.isci.2021.102758

  • Validation and Discussion of Severity Evaluation and Disease Classification Using Tremor Video Reviewed

    Hayashida T., Sugiyama T., Sakai K., Ishii N., Mochizuki H., Zin T.T.

    Electronics (Switzerland)   12 ( 7 )   2023.4

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    Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:Electronics (Switzerland)  

    A tremor is a significant symptom of Parkinson’s disease, but it can also be a characteristic of essential tremor, thereby hampering even specialists’ ability to differentiate between the two. This study proposes a system that leverages a single RGB camera to evaluate tremor severity and support the differential diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. The system captures motor symptoms, performs time–frequency analysis using wavelet transforms, and classifies severity and disease using linear classification models. The results showed an accuracy rate of 0.56 for disease classification and 0.50 for severity classification (with an acceptable accuracy rate of 0.96). The analysis indicated that there was a low level of correlation between disease and each feature and a moderate correlation (about 0.6) between severity and each feature. Based on these results, this study recommends classifying severity with a linear model and disease with a nonlinear model to obtain improved accuracy.

    DOI: 10.3390/electronics12071674


  • A Study on the Possibility of Distinguishing between Parkinson's disease and Essential Tremor using Motor Symptoms Observed by an RGB camera

    HAYASHIDA Takafumi, Thi Zin Thi, SUGIYAMA Takashi, SAKAI Katsuya, ISHII Nobuyuki, MOCHIZUKI Hitoshi

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association   35 ( 0 )   C-1   2022

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    Language:Japanese   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association  

    DOI: 10.24466/pacbfsa.35.0_c-1

    CiNii Research

  • Detailed Analysis of Neurological Symptoms and Sensory Disturbances Due to Chronic Arsenic Exposure in Toroku, Japan Reviewed International journal

    Takashi Sugiyama, Nobuyuki Ishii, Yuka Ebihara, Kazutaka Shiomi, Hitoshi Mochizuki

    International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health   18 ( 20 )   10749 - 10749   2021.10

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    Authorship:Lead author, Corresponding author   Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)   Publisher:{MDPI} {AG}  

    As a result of population growth and the development of tube wells, humans' exposure to arsenic has increased over the past few decades. The natural course of organ damage secondary to arsenic exposure is not yet well understood. In Toroku, Japan, an arsenic mine was intermittently operated from 1920 to 1962, and residents were exposed to high concentrations of arsenic. In this paper, we analyzed 190 consecutive residents for whom detailed records of neurological symptoms and findings were obtained from 1974 to 2005. All participants were interviewed regarding the presence of general, skin, hearing, respiratory, and neurological symptoms. Neurological symptoms were classified into extremity numbness or pain, constipation, dyshidrosis, sensory loss, and muscle atrophy. Superficial and vibratory sensation was also evaluated. More than 80% of participants experienced extremity numbness, and numbness was the most common neurological symptom. Numbness was associated with superficial sensory disturbance, and was correlated with the subsequent development of other neurological symptoms, including autonomic and motor symptoms. No previous studies have investigated the natural course of chronic arsenic intoxication; thus, these data serve as a guide for detecting early symptoms due to arsenic exposure.

    DOI: 10.3390/ijerph182010749




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  • コロナワクチン後に生じたと考えられる脳脊髄液減少症により体位性頻脈発作を認めた一例

    長友優菜, 金丸和樹, 杉山崇史, 宮本美由貴, 酒井克也, 中里祐毅, 望月仁志, 塩見一剛

    臨床神経学(Web)   61 ( 12 )   2021

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    Publishing type:Rapid communication, short report, research note, etc. (scientific journal)  



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  • Derlin familyの欠損による脳の発達障害は脳内コレステロール合成低下に起因する



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    Event date: 2021.11.3 - 2021.11.5

    Presentation type:Poster presentation  

  • 慢性砒素中毒に起因する神経障害の自然経過



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    Event date: 2021.5.19 - 2021.5.22

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  • 発作以外の症状を欠くリウマチ性髄膜炎に対して髄液中CCP 抗体価を追跡しえた一例


    第236回日本神経学会 九州地方会 

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    Event date: 2022.6.18

    Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • 二次性に体位性頻脈症候群(POTS)を呈した脳脊髄液漏出症の1例

    林 尭樹、宮本美由貴、金丸和樹、酒井克也、中里祐毅、杉山崇史、望月仁志、塩見一剛


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    Event date: 2022.5.28

    Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

  • 70歳以上で症状が顕在化した顔面肩甲上腕型筋ジストロフィー(FSHD)の1例



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    Event date: 2022.3.19

    Presentation type:Oral presentation (general)  

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